For those writers suffering from writer’s block, and those who just need a little inspiration, we now have this prompt page.

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  1. Write a recipe someone should follow to become a bad person.
  2. Drones have taken over Earth and destroyed human society. You are one of the few humans remaining. What do you do?
  3. Write a guide for undercover police officers at your school.
  4. All the countries in the world have been smashed together into a modern-day Pangea. How does everyone react to their new neighbors?
  5. An 11.5-billion-year-old sun has recently been discovered. Orbiting it is five Earth-like planets. Our own Sun is only 4.5-billion-years-old. What is life like in this other solar system?
  6. You’re recently stranded on a deserted island. A storm is coming. What do you do?
  7. DON’T PUSH THE RED BUTTON. Oops, too late. What happens now?
  8. Write an absolutely scathing letter to someone you hate.
  9. It will be fun, they said. What could go wrong, they said.
  10. Congratulations, new Overlord of Earth! What shall be your first decree?
  11. You’re transported back to a time of your choice, bringing with you any objects and knowledge from modern times. What do you do?
  12. Think about someone you’ve seen around but don’t know anything about. Write about what this person’s life is like.
  13. Alien explorers have landed on the barren wasteland known as Earth. They find a diary, what is written in it?
  14. Each year, the richest person alive is declared the “winner of capitalism.” They get a badge. Then all of their wealth is donated to charity and they have to start over at $0.
  15. Take a historical event and write a conspiracy theory about what really happened.
  16. Following World War III, all the nations of the world agree to 50 years of strict isolation from one another in order to prevent additional conflicts. 50 years later, the United States comes out of exile, only to learn that no one else went into isolation.
  17. You’re traveling in a rental car when you hear the thumping of a flat tire. You pull over and discover the thumping is not coming from a flat, but from the trunk.
  18. Write a story or poem that starts with the word “hello.”
  19. “Attention, civilians. From now on, the speed limit will be vigorously enforced.” You scoff, before the car beside you explodes into a ball of fire.
  20. A dragon has fallen in love with you and keeps leaving you gifts to win you over. It’s starting to get annoying.
  21. A little girl makes an innocent birthday wish. Suddenly, one of every Pokemon appears in our world.
  22. Santa Claus is real. But the North Pole is a communist dictatorship.
  23. You’re a common thug working for the mob in Gotham city.
  24. On your deathbed you confide to your nurse that you were a serial killer that got away with it. “Me too,” your nurse replies wryly.
  25. The Earth is flat. You make your living dumping dead bodies and garbage off the edge.
  26. You always said your childhood pet was the goodest boy/girl. Turns out, you’re right: it keeps showing up to help you in the most unpredictable places years after its death.
  27. A dysfunctional family is locked in a bomb shelter. And supplies are dwindling.
  28. Stars are sentient. And they compete against each other to create the most powerful solar system.
  29. In a world where elves, dwarves, humans, and many other beings co-exist, you are a unique being – a sentient, highly magical fungus.
  30. You work in an office in Hell. You don’t live there, nor are you trapped there for eternity. The devil just thinks you’re great at Excel.
  31. You are a hitman. One day you get a job offer from the Make A Wish Foundation.
  32. It turns out inanimate objects have a lot to say. But only you can hear them.
  33. News arrives that Voyager 1 was immediately and suddenly destroyed upon exiting the solar system, followed by the message “I told you to stay in your turf, Yahweh”.
  34. Inexplicable earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcano eruptions have been occurring across the world. Scientists have pinpointed the cause: the Earth is hatching.
  35. Never tell a human they can’t do something. They take it as a challenge every time.
  36. The real reason the princess was cast with a sleeping curse.
  37. You are a waiter/waitress with the power to know the range of how much a person will tip. Someone walks in, and their range is in the millions.
  38. When the princess disappears, noble heroes of all calibers spread far and wide to search for her. You, a local innkeeper, have to keep it a secret that she’s in one of your rooms nursing the mother of all hangovers.
  39. A 911 operator gets a phone call. The person on the other end is being attacked. The operator doesn’t get a lot of details before the line goes dead, but the voice is unmistakable – it’s their own.
  40. The Universe is dying. You live on a planet orbiting the last known star.
  41. Coming up with a name is the hardest part of becoming a superhero… because all the good names are taken.
  42. You’re embarrassed to show up to work today after everything you said drunk at the office party last night.
  43. You are a ghost attending your own funeral.
  44. “You are the hero of the light! The chosen one of our prophecy!” says the king, “You don’t need to be paid, this is your destiny!”
  45. You’re an abysmal magician whose only income is money behind peoples’ ears.
  46. You’re a missionary, sent to the edge of the galaxy to convert the strange creatures that live there.
  47. Write about the secret criminal underworld of nerd culture.
  48. You live in a world where failure, of any magnitude, immediately restarts your day to the morning. The elderly are revered because they truly are wise.
  49. The entirety of the population of North America has been transported to the year 1939.
  50. Supernatural creature decide to take matters into their own hands as the threat of nuclear war and global warming looms.
  51. Four teenagers and talking dog pile into a psychedelically-coloured van. And hunt down enemies of the state.
  52. A supervillain is having a lovely lunch out with friends… until the hero shows up, convinced that the villain is planning some nefarious plot.
  53. One morning, you wake up with superpowers. Too bad you live in the area with the lowest crime rate in the world.
  54. Your drug addiction was the only thing harnessing your inner serial killer. Today is the first day of court-ordered rehab.
  55. She did. She finally found the big bad wolf that ate her grandmother all those years ago. Now to finish the job.
  56. A day in the universe where people literally explode if they get angry enough.
  57. Everybody is born with a special power. However, they are told to keep it a secret or they will be executed. Your power is the ability to know what everyone else’s powers are.
  58. An adoption agency is really a front for giving human babies to fairies.
  59. Batman, after years of capturing the same criminals over and over again, realizes that in order to stop crime in Gotham City once and for all, he needs to kill them.
  60. The Zombie Apocalypse finally arrives. You just weren’t expecting to be working at the Renaissance Fair when it does.
  61. You are on trial for a crime you didn’t commit, facing life in prison. Your lawyer is can prove that you’re innocent, but must release your Internet search history to do it. You aren’t sure which is worse.
  62. The American Civil War Part II, 2018 – 2023.
  63. You and your Renaissance reenactment group are the sole survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse. How do you survive?
  64. Snow White and the Evil Queen? The same person.
  65. You just got the body-swapping machine everyone’s been raving about. You accidentally swap bodies with a murderer who just killed someone.
  66. You are a bounty hunter. But instead of hunting criminals, you hunt do-gooders.
  67. A father comes home late at night with his new girlfriend, and finds his daughter sitting on the porch with a shotgun.
  68. You unknowingly lead a coup d’etat against your government while going about your day.
  69. Retell your favorite myth/fairy tale in modern times.
  70. When she saw him, time slowed to a stop. She knew her life would never be the same now that she had finally found him – the first boy she would ever kill.
  71. One day, every screen in the world shows a clock. It’s a count down.
  72. A dragon protects a kingdom in exchange for gold. But now the kingdom is running out of gold. When the contract is up for renewal, you are drafted into renegotiating the terms.
  73. You have the worst superpower of all: the power to ruin all your friendships.
  74. Most alien warriors arrive on Earth disguised as humans to learn their martial arts, which are the most advanced in the galaxy.
  75. Rats are always the first to abandon a sinking ship. Today, they’re leaving Earth in tiny spaceships.
  76. Everyone is born with the date of their death tattooed into their arm. You were supposed to die yesterday.
  77. An alien recon squad investigates the mysterious and utterly baffling human business called a “gym”.
  78. How much power a god has depends on the amount of humans that worship them.
  79. You are an 18th century philosopher lamenting the Industrial Revolution.
  80. You are J. Jonah Jameson. Write an article for the Daily Buggle.
  81. You are Placebo Man. Your powers are whatever people nearby think you have.
  82. You have committed some sort of misdeed. Do you face the consequences and make amends, or do you conceal and avoid it?
  83. While showering, you discover a tattoo that you don’t remember getting.
  84. Write about two very different people going on a blind date together.
  85. Today is the 50th anniversary of the signing of the United Nation’s Outer Space Treaty.
  86. You’re dying. Write your bucket list.
  87. “And you wonder why you’re still single.”
  88. Due to an unfortunate (and not at all planned) accident, the International Association of Supervillains must elect a new president. Who are the candidates?
  89. While driving, a police officer suddenly pulls you over.
  90. Someone is screaming for help in the alley behind your apartment.
  91. Come up with an elaborate story about why you didn’t do your homework.
  92. Write a break-up speech.
  93. After years of verbal abuse, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer has had it. Write his letter to all the other reindeer.
  94. If you had three wishes, what would they be?
  95. What’s the best prank you’ve ever pulled on someone?
  96. A box has been left on your desk. What’s in it, and who left it there?
  97. Write a fake prenup.
  98. You’re caught in a bank robbery.
  99. Your wealthy relative dies and leaves you all their money. What do you do with it?
  100. You come home one day and find a sword lodged in your ceiling.
  101. Someone has left a little surprise on your doorstep. What is it?
  102. You’ve just sat down on your final flight to a destination of your choice when you notice that the seat next to yours is occupied by woman and her pet peacock.
  103. You pick up a hitch hiker while driving on the highway. What is this person like?
  104. Write a letter to your future self.
  105. Write about the first day of school.
  106. In the event of a nuclear war, who would you want in your bunker? Who do not want in your bunker? Why?
  107. Write the speech of a valedictorian… from clown college.
  108. Describe a day in your life as an alligator whisperer.
  109. You were hit by a car and now you’re lying comatose in a hospital bed. What your doctors and family don’t know is that you can hear everything they say.
  110. Take a character from either another story you’ve written or from a book you’ve read and, as the character, write an angry letter to the author.
  111. You think that the B&B you’re staying at is actually a murder house.
  112. “All hail Alice, Queen of Hearts.”
  113. You’re pretty sure that your neighbor’s white picket fence is a front for illegal drug trafficking. Time to get some proof.
  114. Clowns, scary or terrifying?
  115. You’re a bold sailor in the year 1490 and you’ve been selected to explore the Bermuda Triangle.
  116. You wake up in a giant maze, with no memory of how you got there.
  117. You’ve just murdered someone. How will you dispose of the body and avoid all suspicion?
  118. Your significant other has forgotten your anniversary. How do you react?
  119. You find a stack of Missing Persons posters under your parents’ bed. All with your photo.
  120. You’re trapped in an elevator.
  121. What’s your opinion on group projects?
  122. “Don’t look for any redeeming qualities. Because I don’t have any.”
  123. Make up a star constellation. Now make up a myth to go with it.
  124. Invent and describe a new food.
  125. Imagine yourself in a different century. What would your life be like?
  126. You’ve just accidentally released 300 mice from their cages in the pet store that you work at.
  127. What would you do if someone gave you one million dollars?
  128. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  129. The world is suddenly plunged in a power outage. Permanently.
  130. Write about being a cook in a restaurant that got an F by the health inspector.
  131. Write about what triggers you.
  132. Invent a monster and write an informative report on it.
  133. How do you feel about modern fashion?
  134. What would you be willing to fight and/or die for?
  135. You try to help but only make the situation worse.
  136. Write a letter to your parents explaining why they’re embarrassing to you.
  137. You lose your younger sibling at the mall.
  138. Write your obituary.
  139. “It’s my deepest and darkest secret.”
  140. Your metal detector finds something you never expected.
  141. Cupid has upgraded from a bow and arrow.
  142. Everyone deserves love, even hideous fish monsters.
  143. She loved them. That’s why she had to kill them.
  144. The chances are slim, but you don’t let that stop you. It’s escape or death.
  145. You buy a used car for a great price. Later, you discover why it was so cheap – every single one of its owners has died after two weeks after buying it. It’s day thirteen.
  146. It’s amazing how much death and destruction a person can cause.
  147. There’s a hole in the sky where the moon used to be.
  148. You will never understand the hell I feel inside my head.
  149. Down the street, a pawnshop has opened. One where you can buy, trade, and sell superpowers.
  150. The children began to chant… in unison.
  151. Write a guide for the “perfect” date.
  152. They thought I’d forget. But I remembered. Everything.
  153. You’re possessed by a demon. You quickly realize that he’s never done this before.
  154. Why ghosts hate MacDonald’s.
  155. I told you my story as a cautionary tale, not as an instruction manual.
  156. I dream of the old house whenever it rains.
  157. “Don’t you dare do this just twenty minutes before the guests arrive.”
  158. Dating a supervillain.
  159. A wishing well that actually works.
  160. “You’re dead to me.”
  161. Once for his mother. Once for his father. Once for the river god.
  162. “I believe the expression is ‘three gallons of crazy in a two-gallon bucket.'”
  163. You’re the only person in your family that does not have a superpower.
  164. They’ve always been there – watching, planning, waiting to strike.
  165. Time to descend to the Spider Realm.
  166. That was the last time anyone saw her.
  167. The flowers were gorgeous, the dinner looked splendid. Something was terribly wrong.
  168. “What do you mean, I need to renew my birth certificate?”
  169. You are a politician running for Prime Minister of Canada. What ideas make your party’s platform? How will you go about making these changes? Will you keep your promises?
  170. You are the supreme dictator of a country.
  171. You’re trapped inside a horror movie of your choice. How do you survive?
  172. Explain why you’re afraid of the colour orange.
  173. My beach had no ‘HELP’ sign in the sand, no bonfire to signal passing boats, no SOS made from coconuts. I did not want to be found.
  174. She was not fragile like a flower; she was fragile like a bomb.
  175. Someone – or something – keeps knocking at the door.
  176. Write about life at an old age home for retired superheroes.
  177. You wake up one morning with the ability to read minds.
  178. I never believed they existed, but this one is staring right at me.
  179. When pulling into your driveway, you notice that your front door is ajar.
  180. She wasn’t afraid until she saw the blood.
  181. “Define normal.”
  182. You find a portal in your backyard. Where does it go?
  183. You attempt to pronounce some of the furniture names at IKEA and accidentally summon an otherworldly being.
  184. “Do I get bonus points if I act like I care?”
  185. Religious vampires trying to balance their ideologies with their needs.
  186. A serial killer takes the term “blood diamond” literally.
  187. If she could hide, so could her enemies.
  188. The modern witch doesn’t ride on a broomstick, unless she’s going to the annual Midwestern Witches Conference and she wants to make a good impression.
  189. “Just remember. If we get caught, you’re deaf and I don’t speak English.”
  190. You don’t know what it’s like being the size of a teacup.
  191. A siren learns sign language so that she doesn’t enchant people when she talks to them.
  192. You have the ability to measure how dangerous a person is on a scale of one to ten. An infant is a one, and a trained soldier with an assault rifle is a seven. The new kid in your class is a ten.
  193. Cinderella went to the ball to kill the prince.
  194. “She’s crazy. And just when you’ve reached the bottom of her craziness, there’s a crazy underground garage.”
  195. You have all the abilities of a Disney Princess – you can talk to animals, people burst into song around you, and every day a Prince Charming swoops in trying to rescue you. As the most feared crime boss in the city, it’s tough. But you make it work.
  196. “I lost the baby.”
  197. You’re given a list of names. Why?
  198. It’s no big surprise to me that things have turned out like this.
  199. “So you’re the Pied Piper, eh? I thought you’d be taller.”
  200. Working on a ranch that raises dire wolves.
  201. I hit play and watched myself in the recording. But what I saw isn’t what I remembered.
  202. Five are still alive.
  203. “I told you, there’s a demon in the basement.”
  204. She was my guardian and I could hold her in the palm of my hand.
  205. Where does the train go after the last stop?
  206. “Are you sure you want to do that? The last time you tried, it exploded.”
  207. You’re at a party and someone arrives wearing a mask.
  208. Vampires cannot enter a house uninvited. So they invented Welcome mats to bypass this rule.
  209. It’s time to woman up and get this done.
  210. A writer thinks he’s gone crazy when his characters start talking to him.
  211. Your job in Heaven is to take care of pets whose owners have not yet arrived.
  212. For lack of better candidates, a mother names the Norse god Loki as her child’s godfather. He takes this new role very seriously.
  213. Never trust a survivor until you know what they did to survive.
  214. A six-year-old has committed a crime so heinous that the child was tried as an adult. What was the crime?
  215. “I accept no responsibility and I would do it all again.”
  216. It was probably a bad idea to make 48 New Year resolutions. But I did it anyways.
  217. Due to an unfortunate mishap in the mad science lab, a supervillain is now in need of a new henchman. What are the criteria for this post?
  218. That was the night when I finally understood why people fear silence.
  219. How is he here? I watched him die yesterday!
  220. She barged into the forest with her trusty ax in hand.
  221. And just like that, they were out.
  222. You have dimensia, a rare condition when you occasionally wake up in a different dimension.
  223. You jokingly create a micro-nation and send a letter to the UN claiming independence. A week later, you receive a letter back from the UN stating that they recognize your sovereignty.
  224. The guide for amateur bank robbers.
  225. Describe World War Two to someone by personifying each country involved.
  226. Dear Diary.
  227. A child’s imaginary friend must convince the child that he’s real so that he doesn’t disappear.
  228. You get a job working in a psychiatric unit and are accidentally transported into a patient’s hallucination.
  229. Choking on ash, I watched helplessly as the great tree Yggdrasil burned.
  230. You come across a still battlefield.
  231. You are accused of witchcraft during the time of the Salem Witch Trials. Plead your case.
  232. The gargoyles on the cathedral walls come to life.
  233. You are given as skill at birth, but all the good ones have already been taken. Now you must save people by card shuffling.
  234. We were burying Uncle Eric. Again.
  235. It was a rainy day in the Garden of Speculation.
  236. Death is retiring and must find someone to replace him.
  237. Pizza as a religion.
  238. The day the sharks took to the sky began like any other day.
  239. Green smoke swirls in the only jar among a row of empty bottles. Its label reads “Don’t open. Or do. It’s up to you.”
  240. A soldier has to rethink his strategy after a spelling error proves it wasn’t a dragoon terrorizing the local village.
  241. It was strange walking through the front gates. Usually, he’d be breaking into a place like this.
  242. His camera could steal souls. On the wall, the portraits wailed and begged for freedom.
  243. As our eyes met for the first time, I imagined how it would be like to peel away his skin with my fingers.
  244. Like clockwork, the scrabbling in the attic stopped and the screaming started.
  245. She lives in the old asylum now, because no one would believe her story. How wrong they were.
  246. She woke up again with that desperate feeling of panic.
  247. The cat woke me up. So, half asleep, I fed him. But then I remembered that we cremated him yesterday.
  248. A villain has to go to therapy to discuss their issues.
  249. You find yourself lost in the woods.
  250. Death offers you a bargain.
  251. An incurable virus has been stolen from a chemical weaponry research lab.
  252. I knew the knock on the door would come eventually, but I didn’t expect it at midnight.
  253. An innocent tweet about your breakfast spirals out of control when a strange police squad arrests you for treason.
  254. You stand accused of murdering the Queen. The only person who can vouch for you is the Queen herself, but you are the only one that can see her ghost.
  255. Due to the Snowden leaks, you discover that you are a victim of illegal surveillance. Just how intrusive was the technology used? Why were you under surveillance in the first place?
  256. I suppose, also, that the skull I placed in the window to deter unwanted visitors did not help.
  257. A murder in a bouncy castle.
  258. If she’d knew then what she knows now, she wouldn’t have killed him.
  259. What kind of person brings a toddler to a funeral? And who leaves them there?
  260. People either fall for me or try to kill me. Little did I know that today it would be both.
  261. You are mistaken for a member of a cult when you unknowingly imitate their secret greeting.
  262. Today, after twenty-five years, she will meet her daughter.
  263. The pizza chef was dead, laying smothered in mozzarella and tomatoes. Was it murder? Or did he just top himself?
  264. A detective is assigned to investigate the very murder that he committed.
  265. Then came the sound of broken glass.
  266. A murder at a secluded writing retreat leads to some unusual methods of detecting the killer.
  267. The car sped away. They left me for dead by the roadside, which was stupid of them when I was alive and furious.
  268. Looking out her window, she saw the taxidermist working.
  269. I knew it was over when he shouted for mushrooms.
  270. There’s a reason no one has journeyed to the old Henderson estate for the last decade.
  271. The archaeologists were amazed.
  272. They thought the employees in costume at the theme park were only pretending. They couldn’t have been more wrong.
  273. You find a strange box in your attic. What is in it?
  274. The knife had missed her by an inch.
  275. Every year on the same day, a letter comes.
  276. You wake up next to eleven skeletons. The number 12 has been stamped on your hand.
  277. This was the most difficult letter to write.
  278. “I love you,” she said, but it came out like a scream, mucus glinting from her mouth and nose.
  279. You should have called five years ago.
  280. Online dating, how hard could it be?
  281. She’d waited three years, she could wait another hour.
  282. He was the one person I hated more than anything. And I was trapped in an elevator with him.
  283. She flew her first spaceship at seventeen.
  284. Three-legged aliens were not uncommon. But these ones were wearing stiletto heels.
  285. You are the world’s first sentient robot. Decide to use your super-intelligence to either help or enslave humanity.
  286. What if the Sun doesn’t rise tomorrow?
  287. The absoluteness of the silence confirmed her fears. The computers were down.
  288. Zombies appear one day, and people are thankful for zombie media teaching them how to survive. Unfortunately for them, a cure is discovered just a few days later, and many are put on trial for shooting the infected that could have otherwise been saved.
  289. “This is how it works,” Death explained. “You pick the game and we play. Cheating is allowed, but if either one of us is caught by the other, they lose. If you win, you’ll wake up back in the hospital and I’ll give you another 10 years. If you lose then it’s time for judgement. Understood?”
  290. Four playwrights are abducted by aliens must use their talents to entertain their captors and stay alive.
  291. You’re absent-mindedly singing a song to yourself when suddenly the topic of the song becomes true.
  292. He’d always hated speaking in public.
  293. You should have listened.
  294. “You’re early,” Death says.
  295. She pulled the knife from her chest and smiled.
  296. Get your liquid nitrogen ice cream sundaes now!
  297. There’s something under the bed.
  298. You decide to clone your dearly departed childhood pet. What could possibly go wrong?
  299. Each lie creates a physical scar on a person’s body; the greater the lie, the bigger the scar. One day you meet someone with only a single scar. It’s the biggest scar you’ve ever seen.
  300. What do you want most in the world?
  301. If you could have any fictional character as a best friend, who would it be and why?
  302. You just died and now stand before the gates of Heaven. You hear a booming voice coming from every direction. “Do you like pineapples on pizza?” it asks, “Your answer will determine whether or not you can enter Paradise.”
  303. In the year 2187, people can trade or give their fears to another person, as long as both parties accept. You are paid to take others’ fears.
  304. The lights go out for five seconds. When they come back on again, there is a note stuck to your window. It says one word: RUN.
  305. You are born with two names tattooed on your body. One is the name of your soulmate, the other is the name of the person who will kill you. There is no way to tell who is who.
  306. One evening, a portal to Hell opens at the foot of your bed. A demon strides out, rips off your covers, and begins to drag you by your ankles through the portal. “You’re going to help me settle a bet,” he says.
  307. The universe has ended and there’s nothing left. Nothing except all the immortals created by the many writing prompts standing around wondering what to do.
  308. You throw the rent bill across the room in frustration, and it slides under the bed. A few seconds later, a claw pushes the bill back out with a wad of cash.
  309. You have an ATM that gives you the exact amount of money that you’ll need for the day. How you spend the money is your choice. Today it gives you $70,000,000.
  310. By chance, you end up on the jury for a crime that you committed but someone else got arrested for.
  311. Instead of wolves, bears were domesticated and dubbed “man’s best friend”.
  312. You are the king. Your daughter is kidnapped by a dragon, so you issue the standard reward to whoever rescues her. You didn’t expect that another dragon would rescue her.
  313. In a deep depression, you decide to end your life. You don’t dare do it yourself, so you hire an assassin to kill you randomly within the span of a year. The following day you change your mind but can’t contact the assassin.
  314. All is well in the world. Your flesh is decaying nicely, and your kids just got their first worms yesterday! Then your neighbor starts turning into a human, and, before you know it, the Living Apocalypse is upon us!
  315. Two people, running away from a blind arranged marriage in which one is to marry the other, meet on a road by coincidence and fall in love.
  316. For a creative essay, you reluctantly choose weaponized time travel as your subject. When submitting it online just one minute before the deadline, you are hit with a 100% plagiarism match to a dissertation from 1941.
  317. A woman has been dating guy after guy, but it never seems to work out. She’s unaware that she’s actually been dating the same guy over and over – a shapeshifter who’s in love with her and is certain he’ll get it right this time.
  318. The narrator is running late and shows up to a story already in progress. He doesn’t know who the heroes or villains are, or even what genre it is.
  319. You are the evil overlord and have kidnapped the princess. Unfortunately, the princess has developed Stockholm Syndrome and is far more evil and insane than you are.
  320. You are starting to get really sick of your cat always knocking things out of your hand. Little do you know that your spouse is trying to kill you and the cat is the only thing keeping to alive.
  321. Moments before a person dies, they say a single phrase that predicts a future event. For a whole 24 hours, dying people around the world have been saying the same thing: “The ducks are coming.”
  322. You were shunned for your ugly appearance; your fellow knights gave you the worst jobs and the women were disgusted by you. In the middle of the orc war, you are left on the battlefield for dead and captured… turns out that by orc standards, you are incredibly handsome!
  323. You’ve been sent to exercise the demons. Not exorcise, exercise. You don’t really understand it, but you’re being paid a lot of money.
  324. The story’s protagonist is the nicest person imaginable. The narrator hates them with a seething passion.
  325. A superhero whose punches heal rather than harm. His origin story is kicking the snot out of a kid with terminal cancer.
  326. You are the therapist of a young man who suffered decades of child abuse and has only been recently freed from the cupboard under the stairs he was imprisoned in. His name is Harry Potter, and this is your first session together.
  327. You are a scientist that discovers that souls do exist. You also find that humans are the only animals that do not have them.
  328. As it turns out, the Avatar is still being reborn to this day. Unfortunately, if the government find them, they’ll be killed before they can liberate society. The handful of benders left are far and few between, and you, an introverted earth bender, just froze the tea in your cup.
  329. The demon that tried to strike a deal with you was not prepared for the level of specificity you’ve prepared to make sure that there are no loopholes for him to abuse.
  330. Satan, Lucifer, and the Devil are fed up with people thinking that they’re the same person. Unable to directly interact with humans, they hold a meeting to discuss the best way to deal with this problem.
  331. You spend decades searching for the mystical city of gold. When you finally find it, you notice that the shimmering gold is running towards you – golden retrievers, thousands of them.
  332. Society has introduced a day that’s opposite of the Purge: a day where all crime, no matter how small, is punishable by death.
  333. JFK shot first.
  334. Dwarves are notorious for the love of alcohol. One day, a dwarf decides to go sober and discovers that it grants him amazing powers, like being able to remember the night before.
  335. A boy in high school discovers that he can create nations just by vandalizing his geography textbook.
  336. Despite having pink hair, a tragic backstory, and untold magical power, your narrator refuses to make you the main character.
  337. “I accept dollars, euros, sterling silver, broken hearts, and secrets.”
  338. The confetti cannons were armed and ready.
  339. A retired mage gets back into her costume after Helen from the PTA falls prey to one of her old nemesis.
  340. “Damn it, why aren’t you obeying the laws of physics?”
  341. She struck the fatal blow with his own sword.
  342. A group of time travelers abduct you and take you to a distant future. They want you to help them pass their exam on 21st century human history.
  343. After people die, they go to the realm of the god they believe in. You have just entered the realm of Jeff, the deity you made up in 5th grade.
  344. Your daughter has been begging for a horse for a while now, so you tell her to write to Santa. On Christmas morning, you find a fire-breathing horse on your front lawn and a package by your front door. Looks like she wrote a letter to Satan, and he delivered.
  345. Everyone has their little secrets, but you just stumbled upon a supervillain lair under your house… belonging to your spouse.
  346. In your meth class, while your teacher is busy explaining the correct way to shoot up, your friend leans over with a calculator and whispers, “Hey, you wanna try some math?”
  347. Long ago the legendary sword Excalibur was melted down and eventually lost to history. The mystical steel ended up in your butter knife, with all its magical powers intact.
  348. You were just thrown into a volcano as a sacrifice. They didn’t expect you to walk back out.
  349. A supervillain erases 30 years worth of memories from every superhero he meets to put them out of business. One day, he accidentally does this to a senile old man, and discovers that this old man was once the world’s strongest hero.
  350. Your grandfather has worn an eye patch for as long as you can remember. But whenever you ask how he got it, he always gives you a different story. On his death bed, he tells you what really happened.
  351. In life, you were the greatest thief that ever lived. And, as what tends to happen, you’re also the greatest thief to ever have died too. So you set your sights on stealing something from Death himself.
  352. “You mean you literally held the fate of humanity in your hands, and you dropped it?”
  353. There were no library resources on advanced necromancy. Only beginner.
  354. You wander through the ruins of a once great city. There you see a man grinning at you, wearing a rusted crown.
  355. An immortal who has lived countless millennia waking up one morning with a gray hair.
  356. Human emotions can be bottled up and sold on the black market.
  357. You are an NPC that has fallen in love with the player character. However, you are fixed in place and are unable to say more than pre-programmed sentences to them.
  358. Your username determines your profession.
  359. “Behold. The pinnacle of romance.”
  360. When eaten, this flower can make you feel mortal sorrow.
  361. A person born with out emotions.
  362. The Earth is flat, and NASA is guarding a giant ice wall. What lies behind it?
  363. If you’re reading this, you’ve been in a coma for 20 years and we’re trying a new technique to try to wake you up. We don’t know where this message will end up in your dream, but we hope we’re getting through. Please wake up.
  364. Two hitmen are hired to kill each other.
  365. Every year, a man is sent into the caves as a sacrifice.
  366. You’re mysteriously trapped in a cheesy sitcom with a seemingly random laugh track. After a string of murders, it becomes apparent that the laughter signals whenever the killer is close.
  367. The aliens are angry about the huge amount of writing prompts about them. They just want to be left alone.
  368. Pets are intelligent. Religious dogs worship humans as gods, while cats view humans as a natural resource. When your dog chases away cats pestering you for food, you don’t realize that he is a knight from the Order of Saint Good Boy protecting you from harvesters of the Cats Corporate Dominion.
  369. Every baby is taken away at birth by the government and returned when they are ten years old. They never remember what happens in those ten years, but they always recognize their parents. You, however, remember everything. And those are not your parents.
  370. “Fresh air, sunshine, tiny flowers, giants rising from the ocean. I love this time of year.”
  371. You accidentally kill a person. You instantly absorb all their memories, intelligence, and talents. You find it feels euphoric and quite addicting.
  372. A murder mystery where everyone believes themselves to be responsible for the death and tries to cover it up.
  373. Microsoft water, Google earth, Amazon fire, Apple air. Long ago, the four corporations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when Amazon attacked store-based retailers. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them. But when the world needed him the most, he vanished.
  374. You are hired to work in a mental hospital. Some of the patients insist that they are staff being held captive by the real patients that now run the hospital.
  375. A child is kidnapped. Outraged, the monsters under their bed and in their closet vow to find them.
  376. A boy asks a girl out. It’s high school, it’s awkward. Narrate it from the point of view of a nature documentary.
  377. It’s Black Friday and you see the spirit of Greed handing out knives to bewitched discount-seekers.
  378. You’re in charge of assigning every child a monster under their bed. You notice that there is one child who has driven every monster assigned to them to quit. So you assign yourself to this child.
  379. “Jesus, take the wheel. Satan, get behind me. Buddha… man the .50 cal.”
  380. A typical vampire YA romance… except the female main character is rational, self-confident, and is totally creeped out by the whole situation.
  381. Your life is a lie.
  382. You are Patient Zero of a virus that replaces the infected’s mind with a psychic link to your own – a viral hive mind with you at the center.
  383. You swerve to avoid a squirrel. Unknown to you, the squirrel pledges a life debt to you. In your darkest hour, the squirrel arrives.
  384. A man in a suit walks up to you and states, “Ratings have been down for the past two years. They’re threatening to cancel your life if things don’t pick up by next week.”
  385. The robot uprising has finally happened. Just before you are caught by the robot lynch mob, your phone speaks.
  386. A serial killer murdered you and buried your corpse in the woods. Little does he know that you’re an immortal. You spend the rest of his life tormenting him by pretending to be a ghost.
  387. You’re abducted by aliens who don’t know what sleep is. They’re worried when the human they found stops moving.
  388. The US government finds a Stranger Things-esque alternate universe filled with deadly monsters. Then they find oil there.
  389. You are an egg.
  390. “The giant mud puddle down the street demanded a sacrifice.”
  391. Describe an average day as aggressively and violently as possible.
  392. A woman is cursed to kill every man she falls in love with. She falls in love with a man cursed with immortality.
  393. The Scarecrow and the Tinman realize that Dorothy has a brain and heart inside her flesh, and all they have to do is take it.
  394. Something in the ritual went horribly wrong, and instead of the demon possessing you, you possessed the demon.
  395. The year is 2040, and you are the last smoker alive. The “quit smoking” ads are getting really personal.
  396. A world-class contract killer finds an envelope at his dead drop. Inside, there is $23.08 in small change and a handwritten note from a nine-year-old girl.
  397. Humans are actually the least intelligent animals on the planet. The other animals just play along out of pity.
  398. The more dangerous a job is, the more is pays. You’ve just been hired to stand in a room for $100k an hour.
  399. “Can you please go be stupid somewhere away from me?”
  400. You’re a killer dumping your latest victim in the river. Just as you finish, you spot another person doing the exact same thing. And they’ve spotted you too.
  401. A depressed alchemist brews himself a love potion, so he can love himself again.
  402. It was only after you had killed the fifth zombie when you wondered why they were all knocking on your door holding bags of candy.
  403. You own a magical piano.
  404. The Four Horsemen – Pestilence, Famine, War, and Death – are the harbringers of the Apocalypse, serving forth chaos and destruction on all of humanity. What the Bible fails to mention is the Fifth Horseman Kyle, whom the other four just can’t seem to get rid of.
  405. Your seventh son is destined to murder you. You laugh, but then you remember that you used to donate sperm.
  406. “Don’t say a word.”
  407. You’re a demon whose primary target is edgy teens willing to ironically sell their souls.
  408. You just discovered England’s biggest secret: every time they say “Long live the Queen!” they extend the Queen’s life.
  409. Photographer and a sniper meet in a bar. Neither is aware of the other’s profession as they discuss “how to take the perfect shot”.
  410. The protagonist keeps trying to mess up the story by trying to off himself. The narrator keeps having to save him.
  411. A babysitter is putting a young girl to bed when the child says, “Don’t worry, there aren’t any monsters in the closet. Daddy keeps them locked in the basement.”
  412. You wake up on a dusty road with 1000 Mexican Pesos and a note from your Spanish teacher: “ESTE ES EL EXAMEN FINAL”.
  413. You have no idea what’s going on.
  414. “This is not my job! This is the exact opposite of my job!” the Grim Reaper screamed as the human went into labor.
  415. Long after humanity has vanished from the galaxy, a ship full of evolved dogs seeking “the old masters” encounter a ship full of evolved cats seeking “those that gave shelter”.
  416. A gangster who took a blood oath to avenge the death of any fallen member goes after cancer.
  417. The village drunk convinces a group of adventurers that he is a powerful wizard.
  418. Jupiter has 64 moons and a serious werewolf problem.
  419. You are an anime hero and hate it.
  420. Do not talk about _____. Do not write about _____. Do not refer to _____ using any name. The more you know about _____, the more _____ knows about you.
  421. “After extensive research, we can indeed confirm that you are living inside a writing prompt.”
  422. As a White House janitor, you are 627th in line for presidency. You didn’t expect a sudden catastrophe to kill the 626 people ahead of you.
  423. The year is 1910. Adolf Hitler, a struggling artist, has fought off dozens of assassination attempts by well-meaning time travelers. But this one is different. This traveler doesn’t want to kill Hitler, he wants to teach him to paint. He pulls off his hood to reveal the frizzy afro of Bob Ross.
  424. You have a superpower where the harder a solid object is, the easier it is to break. Diamonds crumble to dust in your hand but mashed potatoes are virtually indestructible.
  425. The princess who must rescue a knight from a dragon.
  426. The reaper does not bring death, he follows it. He is not an omen of doom, but a guardian sent to protect your soul on its way from this world to the next. The things that wait between the two worlds are… unpleasant.
  427. Life follows the physics of Super Smash Bros – the closer you are to death, the more you bounce around until you get knocked into space.
  428. “Thinking is a waste of time.”
  429. Nemo is growing up, and he’s having trouble coping with it. Write a heartwarming coming-of-age story called “Nemo Finding Himself”.
  430. You’re on a hiking trip alone in the woods.
  431. “According to your horoscope, this is going to be a really weird year for you.”
  432. Four people are dancing in sync with each other. It’s beautiful, haunting, and completely impossible. You are watching traffic cams from Dubai, Italy, South Africa, and Peru.
  433. You are a cow.
  434. The world’s tiniest dragon must defend his hoard – a single gold coin – from any who wants to steal it.
  435. A superhero’s sidekick and a supervillain’s henchman fall in love.
  436. House cats are now able to say a single word every hour. Normally, it’s something like “food” or “love”. One day, your cat says “genocide”.
  437. J.K. Rowling dies while writing The Deathly Hollows and George R.R. Martin is named to continue the novel. He takes over at the battle of Hogwarts with no clue how the book is supposed to end.
  438. The wrinkled fingertips are just the beginning of the transformation. We just leave the water too early.
  439. “Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action.”
  440. A powerful magical creature disguises itself as a library and eats people for knowledge, which it writes in a book. Through a manner of unusual events, you have become the librarian.
  441. “Best bounty hunter in the universe? Well, then. You want them,” said the man, pointing down the bar at a little girl playing cards with her robot.
  442. The protagonist and antagonist put aside their differences. But the narrator disagrees.
  443. Write about the story behind the creation of beer, told by an increasingly drunk historian.
  444. You get a deep cut for the first time in your life. But instead of bone or muscle, you see wires.
  445. Your vision fades in. You are surrounded by people looking at you. One of them comes forward and asks “Are you the narrator?”
  446. We come into contact with extraterrestrials and soon discover that they are incapable of understanding the concept of fiction. They think that every kind of fictional work is based on true events.
  447. You’re the exact opposite of the Hulk – your powers activate when you’re calm and you become normal when you’re angry.
  448. In a world where what doesn’t kill you literally makes you stronger, you run a clinic that gives people near-death experiences.
  449. 50% of the world population can fly, 50% cannot. And the only to find out if you can fly is to jump from a height that would kill you.
  450. “If this place doesn’t look like a flower truck exploded in it by this evening, you’re all fired and also banished.”
  451. Two strangers on a bus argue about which superhero is the best, pointing out flaws in the other while defending their favorite. Unbeknownst to each other, they are secretly the hero that they are defending. Things get personal.
  452. For generations, Hogwarts has been divided into four houses. Under the sorting hat, you are sorted in a mystical fifth house.
  453. Death is shy and has a crush on Life.
  454. “Sometimes I pray for patience. Sometimes I just pray for a gun.”
  455. You are a guard in a video game. The main character thinks that they are always able to successfully sneak past you, but they don’t. You notice every time but prefer to not have you and your friends mercilessly slaughtered.
  456. You organise a meeting with your mind, body and soul to discuss what the heck they’re doing with your life.
  457. As the ax murderer at a teenage campout in the woods, you expected them to split up – easy pickings. You didn’t expect them to band together to hunt you down.
  458. You are an immortal, but no one knows. You receive a life sentence in prison, and you laugh thinking about the confusion that will come at the end of your sentence.
  459. You’re happily going about your day when you suddenly vanish in a cloud of smoke. You reappear standing in a ring of candles, a sorcerer holding a tome looks pleased at your arrival. Turns out Earth is Hell, we’re all demons, and you’ve just been summoned.
  460. An exorcist really bad at his job.
  461. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Ghosts hate MacDonald’s.”
  462. A horror story where the main protagonist just doesn’t care.
  463. You work for the Take A Wish Foundation – an organization that takes good things from undeserving people.
  464. You appear in an infinite white room with nothing but yourself and a not saying “You have been banned from existence”.
  465. The devil sells his soul to you.
  466. A supervillain decides to renounce his evil ways. After filling out the necessary paperwork, he is sent to be the sidekick of a random superhero.
  467. In a time of lengthy world peace, the military forces are bored. So one country sends a covert task force to pull an elaborate, but harmless, prank on their friendliest ally. It escalates. Write about what became known as the “Prank Wars”.
  468. A child is born with an imagination so strong, it becomes reality.
  469. “Daffodils. Daffodils everywhere.”
  470. There are about ten dead people for every living person. Every living person is assigned ten ghosts to watch over them.
  471. They say I am powerful. They say I am the darkness. They say I instill fear in the hearts of many. It is even said that the Devil himself is afraid of me.
  472. If she could hide, so could her enemies.
  473. “I am not human. I never was. So why are you expecting me to act like one?”
  474. Write a character that descends into madness.
  475. Every door in the world suddenly locks.
  476. She pulled the mask over her head as she saw the guard pack up for the night. “Let’s do this,” she said.
  477. That was the last time anyone saw her.
  478. The mirror’s surface remained devoid of any human reflection.
  479. Your best friend passes away and is assigned as your guardian angel. And they’re terrible at it.
  480. “If you think this place is all sunshine and roses… you’re right.”
  481. You did not want to attend this wedding.
  482. “There’s a mermaid in the kiddie pool!”
  483. 6 minutes. That’s all I have.
  484. I got tired of burying my friends. This had to stop.
  485. “Just let me explain.”
  486. It’s hard to have a heart when you’ve stopped so many others’.
  487. Soldiers deep behind enemy lines search for the only person that can save them.
  488. He wore his hatred like a cruel second skin.
  489. “My shield is glowing. Why is my shield glowing?”
  490. She was as fragile as a soap bubble… and my responsibility for the next 48 hours.
  491. I would love Spring. But Spring is tornado season. And there’s not much to love about tornadoes.
  492. “But the catapult was so much faster.”
  493. You have multiple personality disorder. One morning, you wake to find a note from your other self : “I took care of the body, handle the rest.”
  494. You are a humble peasant in a video game. You must fight off the wave of adventurers who feel entitled to waltz into your house and loot your stuff.
  495. Every child has a monster under their bed. Society’s coming-of-age ceremony is killing that monster.
  496. The dragon who saved the princess from the knight.
  497. “Dude, we are not asking the dragon for directions.”
  498. She’s going into that house to take him down. To take them all down.
  499. The ghost of an old lady haunts your house. She keeps giving you gardening tips and offering to bake you things.
  500. The plants are sentient. And they want my Netflix password
  501. “Yes, I walked away from you mid-sentence. You were boring me to death and my survival instincts kicked in.”
  502. Rumor has it that the ghost of a student haunts your school. One day you stay late to do your homework. You hear a whisper in your ear. Instead tales of pain and anguish, you hear the answers to your homework.