General Rules


Here at Low-Key Writing, we strive to maintain an environment where everyone feels welcome, appreciated, and above all, safe.

If you believe you are being cyber-bullied by another user, print or take a screenshot of any evidence and contact us immediately.

If you believe that a piece has been entirely or partially plagiarized, send us a link to the original work and we will conduct an investigation into the matter.

Contact us at


A user can be banned either temporarily or permanently from publishing on the website due to either repeatedly disregarding the General Rules and/or the Submission Rules or by being reported for cyber-bullying and/or plagiarizing. This cannot be repealed.


Much like at ADSS, any form of bullying will not be tolerated. Anyone who is found to be cyber-bullying someone on this website will immediately be reported and banned from participating in future website events, and will face whatever additional consequences the school administration deems necessary. This cannot be repealed.


Everyone who publishes on this website seeks to improve their writing, so positive criticism and feedback is always welcome! Negative comments and critique are not allowed and repeated offenses will result in being banned from the website. This may be repealed.


Let’s try to keep our comments at a family-friendly PG… which means no swearing, and absolutely no usage of terms and/or slurs that are offensive. Would you say it to your boss? If not, then don’t say it here either. Works that contain these things will be required to issue a warning at the beginning of the story. Failure to comply with this rule will result in being red-flagged, repeated offenders will be permanently banned from the website. This cannot be repealed.


Any works published found to be taken either in part or wholly from a work of another will result in the removal of the plagiarized work from the website, disqualification from the challenge and/or contest entered, and the writer being either being red-flagged or banned depending on the severity of the offense. This may be repealed if suitable evidence is offered.


If a story/writer/website user has been red-flagged by the admin, it means that they have been permanently placed on a watch-list, which will result in the restriction of publishing privileges. If red-flagged a second time, the person and/or work in question will be banned from the website. This may be repealed if suitable evidence is offered.


If somehow wrongfully punished, the writer may ask the admin to review the initial verdict. A repeal will only be considered if the accused offers concrete evidence that disproves the offense.