Nature’s Love

Written by: Anonymous

     I put my car in to park and peered up through my windshield. The outskirts of this forest looked just like any other trail I’d hiked, except I couldn’t see the opening. This trail was also so far from town that it appeared to be totally empty, even the road here was void of cars and people, a total ghost road. This filled me with hope that here is where I would find the peace I had been seeking. I hopped out of my tiny Corolla and patrolled the treeline for a break in the thick brustle of tightly woven bushes and monochromatic green vines, accenting the hard shades of brown earth and tree trunks. I had a feeling about this spot but was almost ready to get back in my car before stepping close up the seemingly un-yielding wall of greenery. As I approached the plentiful flora a small opening appeared in the thicket, just wide enough for me to walk relatively comfortably down the path, perfectly alone, although I don’t believe that one is ever truly alone in nature.

     I began meandering down the trail, awash in the purity of nature as a lightly chill wind brushed across my face and tousled my hair. The steady droning of the forest began to fill my ears as I moved deeper into the woods. Light bird calls, hums and buzzes of a plethora of insects, and the swish and sway of the plants that dominated the landscape filled my ears, setting my mind at peace. I lost myself in those woods. Metaphorically at first, but then literally. I drank in my surroundings and realized I was totally lost and turned around. The familiar pine, fir, and aspen trees that had lined the road were now replaced by willow, elder, and ancient oaks coated in thick mats of vines and thorn-laced brush. Even more bewildering though, was the path behind me, or rather the lack thereof. Any flattening or clearing of the plant life more than five feet behind me was totally grown over and looked as if it had been that way for years, judging by how tightly woven the branches and vines were. There was absolutely no way back now. I felt as if this should concern me greatly, but I felt the exact opposite. I was finally comfortable and sure of my decision as it seemed there was only one option, forward.

     So forward I went, losing myself further in the increasingly winding, thickening, and darkening path ahead. I had now totally lost track of time as the trees had now blocked out all natural light. Lost in thought and growing vexation, I tripped over a slightly upright curl of root.  Landing flat on my face, limbs and hair splayed all around and under me like tangled-up worms, I released a bout of obscenities to no one in particular. After laying in awe at my failure for a moment I pushed lightly-scraped palms into the soft earth below me and lifted my now filthy torso from the ground, bringing clumps of mud and moss back up with me. To my shock I had lifted my face from a bulky jagged rock, my blood splattering a scarlet halo around my head’s landing spot. The heavy copper smell of blood swam into my nostrils and filled my brain up with panic. I tried pulling my knees up to my chest, but was met with solid resistance. Both of my ankles were totally enthralled by dark stubborn roots, sluggishly climbing my legs like bundles of blind and bewildered serpents. My pupils spread and my eyes opened wide as I began tossing around in the dirt like an antelope caught in the jaws of a crocodile, but it was of no salvation. The roots had now taken a firm hold on my calves. Clawing and writhing in frenzy, I transformed into a rabid animal. I slashed around in the dirt until I was totally exhausted. By this point the roots were up past my waist and I was beginning to submit to death’s almost comforting embrace. Blood gushed from my wounded head and sparingly sharpened roots began entering my abdomen. I watched the roots penetrate my skin and send squirts of entrails covered in my crimson life, but felt only dulled aches. I lay in stillness as nature absorbed me. I could feel the light tickle of the bugs now, ripping off their own little pieces of me. Slowly I felt my body and soul meld with the greater amalgamation of the nature around me. I felt numbed pains all up and down my body as my organs fell from my fleshy prison and my soul began to mesh with the terrific beauty around me. Gradually, I felt gentle feeling return to me. I felt warm. I felt awash with love and knowledge. I am changed now. Part of a higher consciousness. Finally at one with the universe. Finally at peace.



Planet of the Sloths

Written by: Fresh Prince

     Today at Central Park Zoo in New York, was the day that would mark the sloth uprising. The sloths have finally tricked humans into thinking that they are lethargic and lazy, which was the second part in their plan. The sloths first part of the plan was executed many years ago tricking humans into thinking gigantic sloths went extinct. Although they were just all in a sloth club under the surface of the earth’s crust. Today was the day that they would start taking humans out one by one. Jeff the pygmy sloth snuck up into the air vents and dropped a poison pill into the guard’s coffee. The guard took a sip and fell to the ground instantly. Once Jeff saw the guard fall he dropped onto the desk and unlocked all of the sloth cages. All the sloths squeaked and cheered as they swung out of the cages. One of Jeff’s prison pals Flash got up on the desk with Jeff, and hacked into the computer. Then they contacted their fleet of giant sloths to come up to the surface. After hearing many screams and crashes coming from outside the zoo, the sloths suspected that the giants were up and joined them to go start a sloth uprising in the streets. Flash and Jeff met up with Mark a giant sloth that they kept in contact with throughout the whole time. They would steal people’s phones and text him updates. Flash and Jeff climbed on top of Mark then Mark climbed up the side of a skyscraper and watched the sloths take over. It only took 3 hours for New York to go from the peace of an average day, to the absolute chaos from the sloth uprising. The police tried to stop the sloths but they could not shoot because the sloths used their cuteness, so the police were rendered useless after that. Flash looked to the right and saw the sloths on the ferry to Manhattan. A fire burst from the ferry and all the sloths jumped off then swam to the island. Flash looked back at Mark and Jeff and said, “We finally did it.” (Translated to English from sloth).

The Forest

Written by: Jamie

In the heat of mid-day, a great red hawk screeches as it soars in circles nearby, keeping a bird’s eye view on both the strange human approaching and it’s prey. Just twenty yards to the left lies a forest full of bright colors, sounds, creatures and knowledge. The summer breeze calls out to the ancestors of the forest, the trees, to sing their song. While other lifeforms continue on with their daily routine.

     All is the same as the day before. The river, with it’s twists and turns flowing heavily, impregnated with fish. The squirrels chatting amongst themselves as they fight with the birds for the best nut. The forest is a womb to the trees singing their ancestry song and the fox sneaking tree to tree, scaring it’s smaller companions as it ventures through the forest.

     All seems to be the same although, today something is different. There is an alien scent flowing through the air. It is a human humming an unparticular tune as she strides through the twisted path covered in vines and roots along the forest floor. She takes precautions for the forest is not her home. She is merely a visitor who did not ask before she came barging in.

     The forest belongs to the very nature around her. As she ventures deeper into the forest she sees that everything around her is alive, and they have their own characteristics. The river roaring angrily to her right, arguing with the rocks about which way the current should go. The trees singing to one another and telling tales of all the years they have seen. The vegetation, growing rapidly, traps water and provides nutrition to the entire forest.

     She breathes in the scent of fresh air, distant flowers and the earth. The forest is not her home although the forest is where she belongs.  Where she feels protected, where she stops conflicts, fights monsters and learns stories of the past. She makes friends with the birds and plays hide and seek with the fox. In the forest, time stops, and everything mankind has come to know is flipped upside down.

The forest is always welcoming of things both known and unknown. It longs for us to uncover it’s secrets and share in its beauty. Although the forest will not always be there, sixty five kilometers away is a growing city. Filled with unnatural sounds, smells, gases and more. How long until the horrors of the city reach the forest? It’s beauty and knowledge violently torn away.

The forest is our last shred of light when it comes to staying in touch with our inner selves. We must protect this natural beauty and take the time to experience it’s wonders.  Because like the hawk and the fox, we will miss such a place when it is gone.

Tis Better to Have Loved and Lost Than to Never of Loved at All

Written by: LW

        I used to have a many friends at school. We would hang out every lunch, talk about boys and the latest gossip. We were just your average stereotypical white girls, that is at least until I met him and completely ignored my friends. His name was Josh and he was three years older than me, which didn’t bother me but my parents weren’t too happy about it. He was also a basic hockey boy, or if I’m being completely honest a complete flirt, meaning he didn’t have a good history with girls, but to be fair I hadn’t had the best history with boys either. Anyway at this point we had just been dating two months, but when I looked into his eyes I thought he was the love of my life and I thought he felt the same, now I know different.

          When I was in grade five and my mom told me where babies came from I made a decision to save myself for marriage and I had every intention of doing so, but he eventually convinced me to change my mind. I’ll spare the details, but he was the first person I’ve ever been with. I hate to stereotype girls as meek emotional beings that depend on the superior male, but from my experience, girls are much more invested in the relationship after they’ve slept together than men are (or in this case immature boys). After we did “the deed,” I assumed we would eventually get married. I know it sounds stupid because I was only in grade nine at the time, but he was my first love and my head was clouded with romance and love.

         One day after school he asked me to go to his house because his parents we out of town. I had a test the next day so I should’ve went home and studied, but I decided that I don’t need an education because Josh can support me when he makes it to the NHL. We didn’t make it back to his house before we started making out in a dark abandoned alley and preceded to make love because apparently that was something we did regularly now. As I started to redress myself, he confidently said, “look we need to talk”, but I wasn’t worried because I knew how much he loved me. It turns out, I was wrong because he proceeded to tell me it isn’t working out because I’m “not hot enough” and I’m “too clingy.” I didn’t hear anything he said after that, partly because I fainted and partly because of how much it hurt to hear the one person I loved didn’t love me back. The fifteen minute car ride to my house felt like it was over two hours long. I think he was trying to talk to me on the way back, but I was still in shock and if I would’ve tried to talk I probably would’ve thrown up.

         I’m not going to lie, this completely wrecked me. I had no friends to talk to because I was ignoring them for the past two months so I didn’t leave my bed for sixth days and fell way behind in school. On the fifth day of self-prescribed bed rest I messaged my old best friend and eventually convinced her to give me another chance and on the 6th day I ate two full meals. Life slowly started to put itself back in place and I was able to move on.

       I’m thirty two now and just had my first child with my husband Ryan. Her name is Violet Adele Prise. Josh never made it to the NHL and currently works at a local corner store and still hasn’t dated anyone since high school. Out of every failed relationship there’s always one lesson taught and this relationship taught me to never let my daughter date a hockey boy.

Drama Releases Inhibitations

Written by: SBC

Drama is a very wonderful and fun way to help a person be themselves and get over their inhibitions. Drama releases inhibitions by letting a person express them self, experience the world from different angles, and use your own voice not someone else’s. Drama is a great why to overcome one’s inhibitions.  

Drama can help a person get over inhibitions such as embarrassment by letting the person express themselves in a safe non-judgmental environment. There are lots of people who don’t like expressing themselves because they fear embarrassment. For example, I am always worried about embarrassing myself because I always feel that the people around me are judging me but as soon as I get into that drama room or on stage, I know that I am safe. No one is going to laugh at me for making a mistake, and if they do, I know they are laughing with me not at me. Now that I’ve been in drama, I can be myself more and not be afraid of another people’s opinion. Drama helps a person develop the ability to express themselves without worrying about what other people are thinking.

Drama can help with shyness by giving someone the chance to see the world from a different perspective. Looking at the world from a different perspective gives someone the chance to put them self in that new perspective so that it is not just the world they see differently, they also see them self differently and that can help get over shyness. I have always been a very shy person but since I’ve been doing drama, I have been able to overcome that shyness because every time I think that I can feel that anxiety coming up and I just want to curl up away from all the people, I imagine that the world is different, that I’m in a world where it doesn’t matter what happens because at least I tried. Looking at the world from a different angle gives the person the chance to see themselves as someone who can do whatever it is that they want.  

Drama can really help a person with their self-confidence by letting them use their own voice and not having to agree with everything someone else says. Self-confidence is a big thing for some people; some people don’t have any confidence. By giving someone the chance to use their voice and not have to worry about what other people are thinking is a very good way to help someone with their self-confidence. When a person feels safe and not judged they often feel free to use their own voice without the feeling that someone else is going to attack them with their voice. Personally, I am very self-confident; when I was little my mom made sure that I had self-confidence but just like a lot of teenagers, I have had some days where I don’t feel so good about myself and feel that I’m not good enough, but when I am with my drama people I know that my opinion does matter, and I don’t have to be self-conscious about it. Drama helps you use your voice freely without the pressure of no one caring.

A very successful and enjoyable way to help overcome a person’s inhibitions is to be in drama. Drama is great for helping people get over their inhibitions by giving them a save non-judgmental environment to express themselves in, letting them look at the world from different angles, and giving them a chance to use their own voice without the fear of judgment. Drama is fun and helps people feel safe in their own skin.