Planet of the Sloths

Written by: Fresh Prince

     Today at Central Park Zoo in New York, was the day that would mark the sloth uprising. The sloths have finally tricked humans into thinking that they are lethargic and lazy, which was the second part in their plan. The sloths first part of the plan was executed many years ago tricking humans into thinking gigantic sloths went extinct. Although they were just all in a sloth club under the surface of the earth’s crust. Today was the day that they would start taking humans out one by one. Jeff the pygmy sloth snuck up into the air vents and dropped a poison pill into the guard’s coffee. The guard took a sip and fell to the ground instantly. Once Jeff saw the guard fall he dropped onto the desk and unlocked all of the sloth cages. All the sloths squeaked and cheered as they swung out of the cages. One of Jeff’s prison pals Flash got up on the desk with Jeff, and hacked into the computer. Then they contacted their fleet of giant sloths to come up to the surface. After hearing many screams and crashes coming from outside the zoo, the sloths suspected that the giants were up and joined them to go start a sloth uprising in the streets. Flash and Jeff met up with Mark a giant sloth that they kept in contact with throughout the whole time. They would steal people’s phones and text him updates. Flash and Jeff climbed on top of Mark then Mark climbed up the side of a skyscraper and watched the sloths take over. It only took 3 hours for New York to go from the peace of an average day, to the absolute chaos from the sloth uprising. The police tried to stop the sloths but they could not shoot because the sloths used their cuteness, so the police were rendered useless after that. Flash looked to the right and saw the sloths on the ferry to Manhattan. A fire burst from the ferry and all the sloths jumped off then swam to the island. Flash looked back at Mark and Jeff and said, “We finally did it.” (Translated to English from sloth).