My Sport Gives me Confidence

Written by: EA

I would not be successful in my sport if I did not have confidence. Confidence is what gives you the emotions and power that make your performance a success. It is hard for people to understand why I am not confident in other activities while I excel in my sport. It is different for everyone and there are many reasons why. 

I am a Figure Skater; I have been skating for ten years. Whether it’s a show or a competition, you have to keep your head held high and show you are not afraid of failure in order to give a good performance. Figure skaters radiate confidence. They know what they can do and they know that they are good at it. The moment you step on the ice is the moment all eyes are on me. When I first glide my skate on the ice that moment is the scariest and I want to hide. As I get older, I take that moment and own it. I go out on the ice and perform to my very best. I may fall, but I pick myself up and carry on as if nothing happened with the same energy as before. If it weren’t for skating, I believe I would have little to no confidence in my life.

As confident as I may seem, when I am not on the ice I tend to stay in the background. For years I have tried to change that but I have never succeeded. When we play a game in P.E., I tend to stand on the sidelines because I do not have the confidence to step into the game. Since I first began school, I’ve had to do oral presentations. I always tell myself that I can do it and that this time I’ll be okay. Unfortunately it’s never that easy. I start off okay but then I began to stutter and it gets to the point where I can barely breathe. There was one time in middle school I had to be sent to the office just so they could make sure I was okay. I believe my problem is that I’m standing there talking with all eyes on me. Sure when I’m skating all eyes are on me but it’s different. When I skate, I am expressing myself with movement and music rather than words. That’s what makes the difference in my confidence. 

Whether I’m at skating or at school I am still trying to grow my confidence. Everyone has a different way of expressing themselves and speaking just isn’t mine. My sport has made me a more confident person.