Drama Releases Inhibitations

Written by: SBC

Drama is a very wonderful and fun way to help a person be themselves and get over their inhibitions. Drama releases inhibitions by letting a person express them self, experience the world from different angles, and use your own voice not someone else’s. Drama is a great why to overcome one’s inhibitions.  

Drama can help a person get over inhibitions such as embarrassment by letting the person express themselves in a safe non-judgmental environment. There are lots of people who don’t like expressing themselves because they fear embarrassment. For example, I am always worried about embarrassing myself because I always feel that the people around me are judging me but as soon as I get into that drama room or on stage, I know that I am safe. No one is going to laugh at me for making a mistake, and if they do, I know they are laughing with me not at me. Now that I’ve been in drama, I can be myself more and not be afraid of another people’s opinion. Drama helps a person develop the ability to express themselves without worrying about what other people are thinking.

Drama can help with shyness by giving someone the chance to see the world from a different perspective. Looking at the world from a different perspective gives someone the chance to put them self in that new perspective so that it is not just the world they see differently, they also see them self differently and that can help get over shyness. I have always been a very shy person but since I’ve been doing drama, I have been able to overcome that shyness because every time I think that I can feel that anxiety coming up and I just want to curl up away from all the people, I imagine that the world is different, that I’m in a world where it doesn’t matter what happens because at least I tried. Looking at the world from a different angle gives the person the chance to see themselves as someone who can do whatever it is that they want.  

Drama can really help a person with their self-confidence by letting them use their own voice and not having to agree with everything someone else says. Self-confidence is a big thing for some people; some people don’t have any confidence. By giving someone the chance to use their voice and not have to worry about what other people are thinking is a very good way to help someone with their self-confidence. When a person feels safe and not judged they often feel free to use their own voice without the feeling that someone else is going to attack them with their voice. Personally, I am very self-confident; when I was little my mom made sure that I had self-confidence but just like a lot of teenagers, I have had some days where I don’t feel so good about myself and feel that I’m not good enough, but when I am with my drama people I know that my opinion does matter, and I don’t have to be self-conscious about it. Drama helps you use your voice freely without the pressure of no one caring.

A very successful and enjoyable way to help overcome a person’s inhibitions is to be in drama. Drama is great for helping people get over their inhibitions by giving them a save non-judgmental environment to express themselves in, letting them look at the world from different angles, and giving them a chance to use their own voice without the fear of judgment. Drama is fun and helps people feel safe in their own skin.